Tasting the Best Chardonnay Wine


The Rich and Popular – Tasting the Best Chardonnay Wine

Rich and popular – are two words that can summarize what the best chardonnay wine is all about. When tasting this particular type of wine for the first time, you will not fail to notice the richness of it texture and the appealing aroma. It can be difficult to put into words exactly what the character of a good Chardonnay is yet you will not fail in recognizing it.

This distinct individuality that makes the best chardonnay wine is due to the process it undergoes. The more refined the technique done to make the better tasting it becomes. Of course, there are a lot of different factors at play when you’re trying to catch the flavor. Chardonnay has an aroma that can be described as somewhat fruity; it can range from apples to peaches, lemons to tropical fruits. As with a handful of wines, Chardonnay also has an affinity to oak especially when it gets to the fermentation process or when it has been stored in barrels for a period of time.

Although there may be several techniques or factors that can affect the process of making this wine, its taste does not vary. It has a distinct taste that even on a blind tasting event you would be able to pinpoint which one it is. At first when you palette experiences it for the first time, you would taste the perfect balance between acidity and sweetness, the volume or body of the wine as well as the smooth texture.

Despite the fact that Chardonnay from different regions of the world may hold a similar taste, there are minute variations when it comes to texture and body. Those grown in the Old World – particularly France – may have a more “buttery” or lush quality. As for the New World Chardonnay, these have a more crisp and bold feel to it.

In terms of the best chardonnay, it really is a matter of taste. There are subtle varieties among the different Chardonnay wines produced all over the world. These variations are usually due to differences in the wine processing technique as well as the climate, temperature and the soil where the grapes are grown.

If you’re choosing between a bottle of Chardonnay from France and one from California, note that there are several variations among these two. Aside from the fact that those coming from the French region are far more established in terms of history, California wines are more commercialized. This means that most California wines are geared towards producing Chardonnay in order to satisfy the demand of the customers. These wines provide a bland taste that has been labelled as “cookie-cutter” for the reason that it sometimes lacks character.

As for French wines, they have been successful with retaining the quality that Chardonnay has been known for years. Although there is much respect to the French Chardonnay, this does not mean that you cannot get a decent bottle from those produced in California. You can still find a bottle of the best Chardonnay wine in California; you just have to be keen about it.

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