How to Store Your Chardonnay Wine


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How to Store Your Chardonnay Wine

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Chardonnay wine is made of Chardonnay grape, the classic white wine grape. It grows easily and everywhere. It is the second most planted white wine grape in France. It is used to make dry wines, sparkling wines, sweet wines, and champagnes.

It is considered as the world’s most favorite white wine grape. It does not need blending. But needs one with Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier to make champagnes.

Chardonnay grapes deliver a variety of fruit flavors. You can catch a taste of apple, coconut, pineapple, peach or pear in a glass of Chardonnay wine. Meanwhile, you may taste less fruit flavors but enjoy an abundant taste of butter, honey, toast, roasted almonds or hazelnuts, vanilla or yeast from Chardonnay wines grown in warmer climates.

Chardonnay wines can be paired with anything because of its full body, high acid content and wide range of flavors. But they taste best with chicken, smoked fish, salmon, sweet onion, aged cheese and mushroom.

It also tastes best when served chilled, 40oF to 55oF, at least. You may throw it in fridge for an hour, freezer for half an hour or ice bucket with water and ice for fifteen minutes before serving. Avoid over-chilling as it will dull the complex flavors and aromas.

How to Store Your Chardonnay Wine

Properly storing this wine is what keeps it in its optimum quality. You do not need a fancy wine cellar to do it. You just have to have a cool, dark and dry place. Closets, compartments under the stairway or basements are good substitutes.

For Chardonnay wines, store the bottles in a wine cellar or its substitute. Keep the temperature cool – the ideal is 55oF to 65oF, the maximum is 70oF. Keep it out of direct sunlight and vibration at all times. If possible, keep it in a completely dark place. Store the bottles sideways to keep cork moist. This will avoid shrinkage causing undesirable flavors and aromas.

Serious wine collectors may opt for a fully equipped wine cellar with wine racks, humidifiers and refrigeration for a more organized collection.

Tightly cork up unfinished wine bottles to keep the remaining portions fresh. Exposure to air reduces the freshness. You may also refrigerate it from two to four days to keep its quality.

If you can afford, you may also purchase a pump that sucks the oxygen out of the bottle. Oxygen causes oxidation that reduces the quality of wine. You may then seal it rubber gasket to extend its shelf life.

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