William Knuttel RRV 2009 California Chardonnay Wine


William Knuttel RRV Chardonnay 2009

A top release from the renowned Bill Knuttel, who spent decades building the reputations of some of California’s best boutique wineries (and finding all the premium fruit). Now, Bill’s out to make his own reputation — and with his name on the bottle, he’s even more finicky about quality.

Bill’s a big fan of white Burgundy, and it shows. Throughout the winemaking process, he does everything to maximize quality, from handpicking the Chardonnay grapes to aging the wine in fine French oak for a generous 13 months. The result: complex layers of ripe apple and pear, lemon zest, and tropical fruit. The lengthy finish is firm and silky, with a lightly creamy texture.

Taste for yourself with this superb white: a reflection of Bill’s passion for Chardonnay. While supplies last.

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